Ben Diamond leads CD 13 fundraising, collects $300K in Q3

State Rep. Ben Diamond came out on top as the highest fundraiser among the six candidates campaigning for Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

That’s according to the latest campaign finance data, which candidates submitted Friday to the Federal Elections Commission. The latest reports cover Quarter 3, which spans from July 1 through Sept. 30.

Diamond reported the highest amount of money among the candidates both in Q3 and in total fundraising. In Q3, the St. Petersburg Democrat’s campaign raised $303,282 and spent $116,401. Since launching his campaign in May, he has raised $693,466 and spent $168,683, leaving him with $524,783 cash on hand.

The second highest Q3 fundraiser is Republican challenger Amanda Makki,who unsuccessfully ran against fellow candidate Anna Paulina Luna in the 2020 GOP Primary for CD 13. Makki collected $295,789 in Q3 after entering the race in mid-July. She has collected a total of $302,430 so far, which includes a $6,640 vendor refund.

Makki’s lower overall fundraising likely comes from a later start to her campaign compared to the other candidates, but with high numbers in a shorter period, she will likely make her way as a top fundraiser. The top candidates have a three month advantage on Makki, who launched her campaign in mid-July.

And, Makki is spending wisely, only dishing out $17,280 so far, leaving her with $285,331 cash on hand.

“There is momentum among conservatives in Pinellas County to elect a candidate who can win in CD 13 and help flip the House of Representatives back to red next November,” Makki said in a statement. “It was an honor to be invited into so many homes, businesses, and gatherings throughout Pinellas County to speak face-to-face with voters who are as passionate as I am. The numbers we’re reporting today reveal the confidence they have in me, my campaign, and my commitment to winning this race.”

Republican opponent Luna, who joined the race back in May, narrowly outraised Eric Lynn for Q3, collecting $231,575. She has raised $492,956 since kicking-off her campaign.

Luna has also come in as the biggest spender so far, dishing out $251,029 in Q3 alone, and $364,291 total. Like Lynn, Luna started the race with some additional cash on hand — $39,254 — rolled over from her previous bid for CD 13, which she lost to outgoing-incumbent U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist. With that boost, she’ll be entering October with $169,373 cash on hand.

Democratic candidate Lynn collected $220,593 in Q3. He has so far raised $589,417 since entering the race in May, and currently has the most cash on hand at $634,528, a total boosted by $140,371 left over from previous campaigning.

The latest candidate to enter the race, Republican Audrey Henson, has collected a total of $206,335, which accounts for her Q3 report and her campaign total. She’s also keeping spending low, only dishing out $6,811 so far, leaving her with $199,523 cash on hand.

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